Tuesday, May 15, 2012

PITTSBURGH PIRATES(Correia) +165 over Miami Marlins(Johnson)-----Correia's gone 2-2 on 4 really good starts which all probably should have been wins if the Pirates could hit.   Jon Lester was certainly not supposed to beat the Mariners and BCLI last night(a mistake surely triggering the Florida Maternal Mass Murder in Port St John this morning where mom went open-season on a bunch of,  presumably,  poorly behaving Johnson-kids).   Johnson's been hittable;  Pirates usually dont hit but they do have McCutchen who is hitting over .300.   And then........Kevin Durant won yesterday so maybe Correia will get support.(Lose 6-2........Correia takes his worst rocking of the year,  blasted out before completing 4 innings.   Omar Infante 4-5......I was worried about that.  Could the mother have been at fault in that Mass Murder?   I guess so, as Mary Kennedy just got taken out apparently)

COLORADO(Guthrie) +145 over San Fran(Lincecum)-----Giants have opened the season with low-compliance with respect to BCLI.  However,  I want to try this......with the JG----Ahmed Shah Massoud-----Lincecum not doing anything special this year besides the strikeouts.   Rockies could be scoring more;  I'll go with the Mormon.(Win 5-4........almost blew a good 5-inning start by Guthrie.....GWPHHR by Marco Scutaro #19)


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