Sunday, May 27, 2012

BALTIMORE ORIOLES(Matusz) -139 over Kansas City Royals(Hochevar)----Hochevar has beaten BCLI once we have the revenge against him;  he's had about 3 very good starts but some of his starts have been really bad.   Batters hit .296 against him this season.   In day-games,  Hochevar's ERA has been 9.87(against 6.17 for Matusz).   Matusz is coming off his best game(probably ever)...and that was also his 3rd straight effective start.   His number is 17 so we're gonna observe #17 AJ Ellis' GWHR last night for the Dodgers and #17 Donovan Solano going 2-4 for the Marlins yesterday and say that Matusz has a better than average chance of continuing to do well.(Lose 4-2.......Orioles can't hit the lhp Tim Collins)

DODGERS(Capuano) over Astros(Happ) parlayed with WHITE SOX(Floyd) over Indians(Jimenez) +180-----Dodgers are going up at .258 vs lhp's while Astros are going down at .233 vs lhp's.   Jimenez' high walk totals are an impediment for his success and Floyd,  coming off 2 rockings at the hands of 2 of the weakest offenses in the league,  will get the benefit of the doubt as the Cws offense is powering up.(Win 5-1 and 12-6..........Jerry Hairston jr. 5 for 5....Matt Treanor 2-3, HR.....Gordon Beckham 4-4,  Konerko, 2-4, HR......De Aza 2-4)

SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS(Cain) -115 over Miami Marlins(Nolasco)-----Angels won last night and SF has Pagan.....(Juan Francisco was also 3 for 4 for the Braves).....and Cain did well in UFC last night.(Win 3-2.......Melky Cabrera 4-4, HR)


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