Saturday, May 26, 2012

METS(Santana) over Padres(Richard) parlayed with NATIONALS(Strasburg) over Braves(Minor) +195------Jose QuiNTANA big debut win for Cws yesterday.   I'll give Santana another chance after losing for me against the Pirates.....Mets are on the ascendant at .261 vs lhps.   Minor's taken 5 straight pummelings so........the Nationals,  by going against him, SHOULD RAISE their sorry .211 average vs lhps, right?(Win 9-0 and 8-4.....Danny Espinosa 2-5, HR and he's up to .222---the Nationals have upside because this guy SHOULD be a .300 hitter,  and he's not close to that yet....Mike Nickeas a Grand Slam,  Vinny Rottino 2-3, HR.....Scott Hairston 2-3, HR.....Bryce Harper 2-4, HR)

PHILADELPHIA 76ERS +5.5 over Boston Celtics-----I'm getting a 76er type of vibe;  just don't think the Celtics are right to move on in this post-season.(Lose 85-75......Labor Day, 1776,  "celebration of America",  would have been nice to see the 76ers get into the finals.....but, yeah, ahh,  Cokin decided to sell a $10 action-play on the Celtics;  that's what fucked this up----now we got an Irish girl, strangled to death by 2 Americans in Japan....)

HOUSTON ASTROS(Norris) +120 over Los Angeles Dodgers(Billingsley)-----If the Dodgers can't beat Harrell with Kershaw,  I can't see them winning this game----Norris is dominating.(Lose 6-3......#17 AJ Ellis GWHR,  seems like he's having a good season)

PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES(Kendrick) +145 over St Louis Cardinals(Garcia)-----.300 average off Garcia and .310 off Kendrick---thats pretty even.  Kendrick coming off 2 good starts.(Win 4-0......CG-SHO by Kendrick)

ROYALS(Paulino) +115 over Orioles(Chen)-----Give Paulino respect for beating the Yankees.  Orioles are a hot team but Paulino too good to ignore right now.(Win 4-3........Hosmer a rare 3-4 getting him up to .206)

CHICAGO WHITE SOX(Peavy) -145 over Indians(Lowe)-----LOhse couldn't win for BCLI last night,  Juan Pierre....a big hit for Phillies,  Cws offense coming to life and Peavy continues to produce.(Win 14-7.......#14 Paul Konerko 4-4......Alex Rios 3-5, HR.......Dayan veni vidi VICIedo 5 RBI, HR.......Alexei Ramirez getting up to .209 with a 2-4)


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