Saturday, May 12, 2012

CHICAGO WHITE SOX(Sale) -155 over Kansas City Royals(Hochevar)(Lose 5-0)
CHICAGO WHITE SOX(Sale) -1.5 (+140) over Kansas City Royals(Hochevar)----Dunn could be waking up offensively.(Lose 5-0.........Hochevar pitches a 7inn 3-hitter;  where were the indications that he was capable of doing something like this?)

Tampa Bay(Moore) vs Baltimore(Matusz) OVER 9(+110)-----It would be a surprise if neither of these pitchers get rocked;  they look sucky. (Lose 5-3........Betemit---a wild over-the-head swing.....Wieters--a pathetic called-3rd strike......Moore's fastball does look good to me,  he just walks too many)

CLEVELAND INDIANS +145 over Boston Red Sox(Doubront)-----Red Sox are definitely a go-against team at home in the Bank of America Fens.   With the Orioles winning yesterday with EVEland,  Cleveland should be good enough.(Lose 4-1........This loss makes the least sense of all:   On a day when Andrew MCCutchen goes 4-4 for the 2nd time in 4 days,  on a day when Mike Carp has 2 HR's for the Mariners,  on a day when Brandon MCCarthy has 10 K's pitching a 4-hit shutout for 7 innings while,  ON THIS SAME DAY,  Matt Cain beats Arizona on the strength of Melky Cabrera's 3-5 hitting and a 2 for 3, 2 RBI offensive outburst from....Matt Cain,  how can I NOT WIN betting on Zach MCCallister???   With the Red Sox not winning for me when I bet on Beckett, and now THIS,  I'm gonna have to declare Boston a non-compliant team;  they're gonna have to deal with some forthcoming injuries)


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