Wednesday, May 09, 2012

COLORADO ROCKIES(Friedrich) +106 over San Diego Padres(Bass)-----Opposing batters only hit .198 off Bass but if you look at what happened yesterday,  with Ibanez hitting 2 HR's,  Inge getting the game-winning Grand Slam,  Cesar Izturis getting a rare 2-4 w/ HR raising his average to .219 for the Brewers and then the 3-I'd kIrk nIeuwenhuIs going 2 for 3.......look how many I's Christian Friedrich has in his name.   The Rockies' stadium juices their offensive stats but,  technically,  they're still a better offense than San Diego(altho the Padres do take walks).(Win 6-2......A beautiful,  gorgeous and elegant 4-run Error by Andy Parrino at SS for the Padres......evocative of our AP sac,  Adan Perez,  coming out as Creative Cause's #8 came up short at the Kentucky Derby)


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