Monday, May 28, 2012

KANSAS CITY ROYALS(Adcock) over Indians(Tomlin) parlayed with WHITE SOX(Sale) over Rays(Moore) +330-----Gordon Beckham has 4-4 yesterday.....Tomlin has been hit by the Royals twice this year and is coming back after injury;  I can't see any reason why he would do good today.  For instance,  the Rangers went bashing again.........but Josh Hamilton was 0 for 4---I'll play the Blu.  White Sox offensive rampage is continuing.....Sale's stats are very good(altho he did get to face Oakland, Seattle and the Twins and Angels) and Scott, Pena, Zobrist and Joyce are weak vs lhps.   Moore still walking people,  he's above 1 every 2innings.(Lose 8-5.........Adcock? No, didn't last 3 innings)


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