Friday, May 25, 2012

DEVIL RAYS(Cobb) +140 over Red Sox(Lester)-----Rare day of hitting for Everth CABrera going 4-5 raising his average to .231 and Melky CABrera went 3-5 with 4 RBI yesterday.  Alejandro De Aza hit a Grand Slam and Alex--that's Cobb's first name----Rios went 2-4 with a HR.   In addition,  Alex Cobb was born in Boston apparently and.........that's where this game will be.   Tampa at .252 vs lhps....Lester ok but Cobb can't be ignored today.(Win 7-4...........Matt Joyce HR 2-3)

BLUE JAYS(Morrow) +122 over Rangers(Holland)------Morrow has the statistical pitching advantage here having built his numbers against weak offenses(Oak, Laa, Seattle).   Blue Jays are also getting weaker at .237 vs lhps but.........Justin MORneau 2 HR yesterday.(Lose 14-3.....Morrow rocked out in the 1st...........Cruz 8 RBI)

CARDINALS(Lohse) +108 vs Phillies(Lee)-----Lee can always have a really good game but Cardinals offense is even better vs lhps(.301)(Lose 5-3)

MARLINS(Johnson) -140 over Giants(Lincecum)(Win 7-6)

DODGERS(Kershaw) -1.5 (+115) over Houston Astros(Harrell)(Lose 3-1)


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