Sunday, May 20, 2012

TWINS(Marquis) over Brewers(Greinke) parlayed with CUBS(Maholm) over White Sox(Peavy) +470 ------This bet is substantially nonsensical as Greinke has allowed no ERs in his last 15inn while Marquis is holding batters to a batting-title-ish .346 average.   But first of all,  you have to ask why Marquis is still in Major League Baseball.  (I don't know).  the JM,  Jesus Montero went 3-4 yesterday while Justin Maxwell had an HR and 2 BBs for the Astros.   Maholm has gone 4 for 7 in terms of having good starts while Peavy has only had 1 bad start(his last one).   So this play doesn't make much sense either;  if the Cubs can't hit Danks,  how are they gonna hit Peavy?(Lose 16-4.......Marquis rocked out of MLB.......and 6-0.....Cubs get 3 hits off much for nonsensical betting.......Jonathan Lucroy 7 RBI and 2 HR)


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