Saturday, May 19, 2012

OAKLAND ATHLETICS(Ross) +125 over San Francisco Giants(Vogelsong)
Oakland(Ross) vs Giants(Vogelsong) UNDER 7(-115)-----Ross has only had 2 bad starts and with Cody Ross having had 2 straight days of HR's,  I'll go with him.   Vogelsong is pretty good but he walks 1 every 2 innings and the A's have improved their walking;  they now walk more than the Blue Jays(but they also have by far the worst batting average in the AL)(Lose 4-0..........A's get 1 they score 6 the day after this)

Pirates(Burnett) vs Tigers(Smyly) UNDER 8(-110)------Burnett has only had 1 bad start(his worst ever) and other than that,  he's done very well.   (In terms of Runs and Walks,  Pirates are by far the worst offense in the NL).   Smyly is #33 and looks good with #33 Justin Morneau going 2-4 with 3 RBI yesterday.(Win,  McCutchen 2 HR in this game and it still goes under)

ARIZONA(Kennedy) -115 over Kansas City Royals(Chen)-----Batters hitting .270 off Kennedy this year.   That's alot worse than last year for him but........Adam Kennedy went 4-4 yesterday for the Dodgers so I'll give this Diamondback team another chance to win for me.(Lose 7-3........Kennedy rocked;  its not gonna be his year)


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