Monday, May 28, 2012

NEW JERSEY DEVILS +150 over LA Kings-----It would seem to me more than a meaningless coincidence that,  with both these teams not being the most outstanding in terms of regular season wins,  each goalie here has symbolic significance corresponding to a female CNBC anchor.   However,  the 'Quick' I'm thinking of here---Becky Quick----is living in New Jersey a Devils fan.   In addition to that,  the only real salvation for the American economy---legalized sports betting----got an endorsement from Chris Christie recently as he will be bringing it to the state of which he is governor:  New Jersey.(Lose 4 games to 2...........How do they get down 3-0?  Tell me that-----40 regular season wins for the Kings........and 49 for the Devils?   How are the Kings so favored?  "You won't admit it but you know. its. true......can't fight this feeling that I feel when I stand next to you...........")


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