Wednesday, May 13, 2015

PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES(Hamels) +115 over Pittsburgh Pirates(Liriano)-----Lotta low averages on both these teams.  However,  aside from Utley, Howard and Revere,  multiple Phillies HAVE had some success vs lhps this year.  And Kang and Marte look like the only Pirates who have hit lhps.  Still,  its risky betting Phillies:  this is an 11-23 team this year,  but,  if a Port Richmond Frankford Junction 7-car derailment Level III Mass Casualty Event can't help this team turn the curve,  I don't know what COULD.(Win 3-2.......Galvis 2-3 with the GWRBI----at least the Phillies have him in this,  their time of crisis with Utley hitting .123.  Ruiz an RBI but not many hits in this game.)

REDS(Iglesias) over Braves(Stults) parlayed with KANSAS CITY(Ventura) over Texas(Gallardo) parlayed with DODGERS(Frias) over Marlins(Cosart) +434------Seems to be some interest in the information for this Reds pitcher---I don't trust the Reds' offense myself but,  seems,  it'd be hard to be shut down by a guy like Stults.  I think Ventura's ok here,  he's just allowed a lot of runs for some reason.  I know the Dodgers won big yesterday but...........they are at home and I've seen Frias throw and,  tho he hasn't pitched deep into a game yet or had many starts,  he looks good to me.(Lose 5-4 and 5-2..........Again Ventura can't avoid allowing runs.  Iglesias sure kicked ass but.......Adam Liberatore take the L for the Dodgers' bullpen)


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