Sunday, May 03, 2015

MARLINS(Cosart) -1.5(+115) over Phillies(Gonzalez)----Zack Cosart went 3-5 with an HR to beat BCLI yesterday,  which was strange,  because the pitcher for the Reds in that game was Marquis,  the worst pitcher in baseball.   Marlon Byrd was 2-3 w/HR for the Reds also.  And Russell Martin was 3-5 w/ HR for Toronto yesterday while Marwin Gonzalez was 2-4 and Marisnick was 2-4 for Houston.  Martin Maldonado was 2-4 for the Brewers in a very rare upset victory for that team.  Texas...........did win as an underdog with Nick Martinez as their starting pitcher yesterday and with the Marlins having Martin Prado(who was 2-3 w/HR yesterday) and Marcell Ozuna(2-5 yesterday),  the tectonic plates will absolutely create another treMAR if this MARTIAL LOCK Game of The Year does not win and win BIG.(Lose 6-2..........Unfucking believable.  Howard's hitting .193 and he does 2 for 4 against me??????   Sizemore goes 2 for 5 against me at .191?????   This is absolutely sick.  The Marlins can't beat the fucking Phillies for a GOY???????  Clearly,  one of the biggest disgraces in BCLI history.   And who the hell is Severino Gonzalez????  Epic failure by Marlins.)


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