Thursday, May 28, 2015

ATLANTA(Miller) +124 over San Francisco(Heston)--------Chris Heston,  who gets rocked every other game about,  is inconsistent.   And the Braves have Jonny Gomes.......on the same day that Julia Goerges beat the 5th ranked player in women's tennis.(Lose 7-0...........Fuck this losing garbage.  How bad does the Braves offense suck????  18th out of 30 teams in batting average:  .246.   Ok;  they suck.  But you can't hit fucking Heston???   Fuck you.)

TEXAS RANGERS(Martinez) -102 over Boston Red Sox(Rodriguez)-----I guess nobody thinks the Rangers can hit lhps.  Because,  with Rodriguez having zero MLB innings,  there's no respect in this line for Martinez pitching at home here.(Lose 5-1..........Guess they're right:  Rangers get 3 hits off the left-hander.   Not good.)


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