Sunday, May 10, 2015

KANSAS CITY ROYALS(Young) -101 over Detroit Tigers(Greene)----Greene's season has been curious:  3 very good wins followed by 3 brutal rockings.  One might opine that he now deserves to do good again.  Young has only 1 start which was a 5inn no-hitter.   With Khris Davis going 3-3 yesterday in a fine destruction of the Cubs,  I'll bet Young.  In fact,  if the Tigers can't beat the mediocre Jeremy Guthrie for me,  I'm gonna play this REALLY HARD,  as the Tigers Fucking Suck Game of The Year.  ok,  Gordon Beckham beat me and the Reds with a GWRBI single off Chapman.   Royals have Alex Gordon.  YOU know..............what that name means to me........So if that little fucker isn't at least 3-4  in this game,  YOU know what city's gonna fucking burn.   NOT Kansas City.(Win 2-1.......................Very nice:  HBP on Gordon....who becomes the Game Winning Run.   Just so long as you're THINKING.......lest my persecution by in vain.)


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