Sunday, May 10, 2015

WASHINGTON NATIONALS(Zimmerman) -1.5(+135) over Atlanta Braves(Wood)-----Well,  on May 5th,  when the Nationals were getting shut down by Mat Latos,  Harper was hitting .245.   Over the next 3 games,  Harper averaged 2 HR and 4 RBIs PER GAME...........and is not hitting .292.   While Zimmerman has been rocked once(by Boston) and batters have hit .281 off him,  he looks like he's done ok,  not giving many walks.   Wood has been hittable,  and,  Ryan Zimmerman and Werth should pad their (weak) stats by hitting him.  Nats on a 3-0 run now,  and,  while they've been projected as great,  and they're just above .500 now,  we'll guess they're only in the EARLY stages of a winning streak.........and ON WISCONSIN.(Lose 5-4........WITH SUNGLASSES ON Bryce Harper loses a routine fly ball in the fucking sun,  allowing a run to score and losing this bet.   What the FUCK was Jayson Werth doing jacking off between 2nd and 3rd after Zimmerman knocked in the tying run???  GODDAMN IDIOT.  fucking dumbass piece of shit.  motherfucking DICKHEAD.  If Werth hadn't been caught out,  he would have scored on Wilson Ramos' double and this bet would have won.  FORGET THIS FUCKING TEAM.  Dumbass retarded PHAGGOTS.  MOTHERFUCKING MORONS.  Fuck this goddamn shit-ass Washington.  Shit head dip shit fucks.)

REDS(Lorenzen) +100 over White Sox(Danks)------CWS hitting 10 points higher than Reds but they are underscoring every other team in baseball.   This line just came down from +112.(Lose 4-3.........Reds offense is the worst in baseball.  You can't beat the White Sox??  The White Sox with Johnny DANKS' weak-ass shit??? You suck.  You fucking suck.  You're the worst.   But lemme tell you fucking losers what you had:  Cozart doubles to tie the game.  You have runner on 2nd,  no outs.   Billy Hamilton,  after a futile effort trying to bunt in which he pathetically pops it foul,  strikes out.  1 out,  tie game,  winning run on 2nd.  Marlon Byrd takes strike 2 followed by strike 3,  right down the middle.  WHAT ARE WAITING FOR YOU FAT-ASS ROCK??  This guy's not fucking around,  he's throwing strikes.  Backward K by Byrd.   Now,  considering that,  I don't disagree with Votto's decision to swing at the first pitch.  But Votto's such a WEAK-ASS, PATHETIC hitter that he grounds it out.   So then Chapman loses it by allowing 3 straight singles with 2 outs----with a 100mph Wild Pitch advancing the runners in between.   He's big but............if you can't change speeds,  you really shouldn't be in MLB.  100mph pitches are hittable if that's all you throw.  FUCK the Reds,  this team is fucking shit.  Totally weak,  slow,  fat, out of shape..........can't fucking score.  They'll be one of the very worst teams in the National League this year.  What a pathetic fucking failure.  Just get out of the fucking MLB if you're just gonna walk around like you don't fucking care.  Quit.   Stop pretending you wanna fucking be there.  Losers)

SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS(Vogelsong) -108 over Miami Marlins(Latos)(Win 3-2)
SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS(Vogelsong) -1.5(+195) over Miami Marlins(Latos)-----Phelps beat Bumgarner?? yesterday?? Cisco, Texas was taking a tornado-hit.   We'll see if the Cisco Giants can bounce back today.   Vogelsong HAS had 2 good he's capable.  Orioles couldn't win for us,  perhaps Vogelsong can. (Lose 3-2..........Vogelsong good.........SF lucky to win cuz their offense is so weak.)

TWINS(May) +155 over Indians(Salazar)--------I agree that Salazar is the better SP.   With Salazar getting a huge number of K's,  May has also gotten his fair share of strikeouts.   But..............Twins just way too hot right now for this price. (Lose 8-2...........2 Total Hits by Twins.  1 hit and 0 walks allowed by Salazar in 7 innings.   Forget the Twins,  they won't win 2 consecutive games for the rest of this fucking season.   Pshhhh.  The Twins:  May 6 ER in 4inn and he's proven he's the worst SP in fucking baseball.   Joke.  Loser.  )



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