Wednesday, May 06, 2015

BALTIMORE ORIOLES(Jimenez) +100 over New York Mets(DeGrom)----Probably fair to say that Orioles will be better than their current .500 record.  Mets are 17-10 and have been carried so far by Colon.  Jimenez hasn't given any reason why he shouldn't be trusted this season.(Lose 5-1.......Dilson Herrera 3-3, HR.  Who the fuck is Dilson Herrera?   Jimenez:  Worst start of the year.  Jimmy Paredes 1-5 with 5 LOB.  Orioles K 9 times vs Degrom.  Oh,  I'm so fucking grateful these birds couldn't win for us.........
(Grady Gideon Byrd told CNN that his son, 53-year-old Greg Byrd, and two grandsons, Christopher, 27, and Phillip, 25, were on the plane.).....)

MIAMI MARLINS(Koehler) +195 over Washington Nationals(Scherzer)------Nats were a "projected Top Team",  supposed to finish 20 games over they are 13-15.   Nuttin special.  Yet,  they've still got the big price........Ok,  true,  Scherzer has allowed only 5 BB and 25 H in 35 innings but..........look at all those sorry-ass batting averages on Washington.   This team is just not ready to win,  not ready to be -235,  even at home.  (Lose 7-5.........You know,  this bet would have won if Bryce Harper hadn't hit 3 Home Runs against me.   Huh.  If Harper had hit only 1 Home Run and had only 2 RBI(instead of 5),  I would have won.   Yeah,  and Stanton had 5 LOB for me in addition to his HR.  What a waste of a +195 opportunity.)

SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS(Heston) -133 over San Diego Padres(Kennedy)-----Heston took 1 rocking in Colorado and,  besides that,  he's been excellent.  Giants going for the sweep here at home and,  while the Padres DO have some hitters who have hit .300 this year,  I'll bet that SF's offense is gonna be more on the ascendant going forward while Kennedy remains one of those perennially "beatable" pitchers.(Lose 9-1.......Heston fucking sucks.   It's one thing that the shit-ass Giants,  somewhat surprisingly,  couldn't hit Kennedy.  But Heston allowed 11 hits in 5innings,  5 ERs and 3 walks.   Thanks a lot,  DICK-HEAD.   Oh,  here's Jedd fucking Gyorko raising his average to fucking .182 with a 2-5,  2RBI.   Sick fucking loss---FUCK the Giants.)

ARIZONA(Ray) +131 over Colorado(Lyles)----Very interesting to see Ray making an MLB start after giving up exactly 26ER in 28innings for the Tigers in 2014 while having batter hit .350 off him.  I guess after Archie Bradley got line-drived in the face Ray is the replacement.   I'm guessing Ray has worked some kind of wonders in the minor leagues so..........Look,  Rockies are hitting .275 but they've scored fewer runs than the Cubs.......and fewer than Arizona too.   Lyles has walked 16 in 29 innings.   Surely this game will be decided by the bullpens.(Win 5-1........Ray:  6inn no walks.  Gosewich 3-4)


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