Thursday, May 14, 2015

HOUSTON ASTROS(Hernandez) -104 over Toronto Blue Jays(Hutchison)------Astros 21-13 with 7 starters in their lineup today hitting under .233.   Wow.   What's going on with this team?  Hutchison is throwing a .298 average to opp bats but has managed to pick up 3 wins and avoid any know,  I think I'm gonna go a little harder..(Win 6-4)
HOUSTON ASTROS(Hernandez) -1.5(+170) over Toronto Blue Jays(Hutchison)--------with Aaron Harang shutting down the Pirates today-----AJ Hinch at manager.(Win 6-4..........Honestly,  I watched the first 6innings of this game----till Fields came in-----and,  aside from Tucker,  I saw some of the worst hitting  BY HOUSTON that I've ever seen.   Like,  HOW can this team be winning 2/3 of its games with this kind of inept batsmanship?  Rasmus and Carter.........their bats coming no where near the ball,  not knowing which pitches to swing at.   It was,  of course,  a pleasant and unbelievable surprise that Houston came back to win both these bets.   Give Hutchison credit:  He challenged these hitters throughout his start..........well,  Josh Fields came in for Houston and got the win.)


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