Tuesday, May 19, 2015

HOUSTON ROCKETS +10 over Golden State Warriors(Win 110-106)

LA DODGERS(Frias) -120 over San Francisco Giants(Hudson)-----Giants have scored 30---yes, 30 runs---in their last 3 games..........and they now have Pence in their lineup.   Maybe they can let up for a game..........uh,  Hudson doesn't walk people but,  with batters hitting .291 off him,  he's not unbeatable.   Carlos Sanchez had the GWRBI for the White Sox last night while Carlos Gomez was 2-5 w/HR for the Brewers in a win while Carlos Torres got the W for the Mets in 2 innings of work.  That's pretty broad on that name,  so I like Frias.(Lose 2-0)


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