Friday, May 29, 2015

SAINT LOUIS CARDINALS(Lackey) -120 over La Dodgers(Bolsinger)-----in 25 innings vs Sf,  miami,  Col,  and SD,  Bolsinger has been dominant.   I haven't seen him pitch so I don't know what he's doing.  But you have to look at the holes in the Dodgers offense.............they exist.   The Cardinals don't seem to have any holes;  Heyward bats 8th and his average is .239.  Pretty good hitter though for the #8 slot.   So,  while its a close decision,  I'll go with the 36-year-old Lackey who has done the job this year.   You have to admit he's been effective.(Win 3-0..........Peralta 2-3........Lackey 7inn,  1 BB and 9K's)

COLORADO ROCKIES(Bettis) +145 over Philadelphia Phillies(Hamels)-----Phillies at 19-30,  losing more than 3 for every 2 that they win they shouldn't be favored.   However good you think Hamels is,  Utley is still mired at .188 and Galvis has declined to .303:  There's no offense improvement.   Despite Carlos Gonzalez being at .208,  the Rockies can sometimes score pretty well.(Win 4-1..........Troy Tulowitski 4-4,  2HR........Bettis an 8inn 2-hitter with no walks)


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