Sunday, May 24, 2015

CINCINNATI REDS(Iglesias) +176 over Cleveland Indians(Bauer)-------Bauer:  hard to hit but he walks people.   But I saw that windshield:  187 shots and the cop's Not Guilty,  Cleveland?  Psshhh.  I take that as a problem with Cleveland.   Reds........7-game losing streak,  ok,  looks like that have about 3 averages among starters,  including Bruce and Hamilton,  that are "problematically low".  I think Jose Iglesias was 2-2 for the Tigers yesterday,  wasn't he? (Lose 5-2...........NO walks by Bauer.  And Reds fail for me again.   Iglesias:  Terrible with 3 walks and 4 hits in only 3innings)

SAINT LOUIS CARDINALS(Wacha) +106 over Kansas City Royals(Ventura)-----Both these teams have won a lot of games----and the Royals have won as many as the Astros,  so you know they're good.  But with Mike Wright pitching a 7-inn 3-hitter for Baltimore yesterday while Mike Bolsinger pitched an 8-inning 1-hitter with no walks and Mike Napoli hitting 2 HRs for the Red Sox,  I think Wacha's a must-bet today.(Win 6-1)
 PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES(Harang) +150 over Washington Nationals(Gonzalez)----Nationals on a 6-1 run but Gonzalez..........not doing so great.   Harang,  on the other hand,  has walked fewer than 1 every 4 innings and really deserves to be bet on at this price.   While Utley and Howard are in the process of raising their low averages,  the Phillies do have some promising rh-hitting talent in Galvis, Franco and Ruf.(Lose 4-1............Very disappointing loss by Phillies;  probably Gonzalez' BEST start of the year against us.)


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