Saturday, May 09, 2015

ANGELS(Shoemaker) -110 over Astros(Keuchel)-----Ok,  21 hits off Keuchel in 45 innings.  How's he doing it?   Ok,  Astros 19-11..........biggest story in baseball----how is this being done.   Astros have 2 batters hitting better than .300,  but the rest..........not so great.   Team batting average for Angels is .226: one of the worst.   But they've scored as many runs as the Mets and more than Colorado.   With all their rhbs,  Angels look like they should hit lhps(Trout and Pujols are below .200 vs lhps for the season).   Shoemaker did ok in his last start,  tho Angels didn't win.   Angels at home here on a 3-5 run.(Lose 6-5.........boy you really FUCKED UP this time,  didn't you?  Despite Mike Trout's 3-4, HR,  Angels fucking lose.   Angels lose because Matt Shoemaker SUCKS......and Albert Pujols goes 0-5 w/ 5 LOB(and I never thought that guy was a very good hitter----why is he still in MLB??  I don't know;  guy sucks and always HAS.)   Angels get 10 Total Hits,  Astros get 6 Total Hits.  Angels lose.   DOESN'T MAKE ANY FUCKING SENSE, DOES IT MOTHERFUCKER?)

MEMPHIS GRIZZLIES +175 over Golden State Warriors-----I guess Curry doesn't hit his 3s every game.   I'd say that with Brandon Belt and Brandon Guyer going a combined 6 for 7 yesterday in baseball,  Memphis will have an advantage with Zach Randolph.(Win 99-89)

TIGERS(Sanchez) over Royals(Guthrie) parlayed with ARIZONA(Anderson) over San Diego(Ross)(+215)-----After what Sanchez did for Toronto yesterday,  gotta try Detroit here with Anibal.(Lose 6-2 and 6-4..........Right out of the fucking gate Sanchez loses me this bet.   Hard to believe the Tigers would fuck me like this.  Chase Anderson did do well---7inn 1ER.   But the Tigers had already ruined the day long before that happened.)


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