Sunday, June 05, 2016

SEATTLE MARINERS(Iwakuma) -120 over Texas Rangers(Holland)----Holland and Iwakuma are both........Ok, not great this year.  But it is an interesting fact that the Mariners have scored 29 runs in the last 2 games Iwakuma has pitched in.  Yes,  the Rangers destroyed Seattle yesterday.  But I see that the Mariners have the Team Revenge against Holland who shut them down earlier.  The Seager name's been pretty hot both on the Dodgers and here,  on the Mariners,  Kyle Seager's average has gone from .256 to .293 over the last 9 or 10 games.  These offenses are close,  tho the Mariners walk more and score a little more than the Rangers.(Lose 3-2............In the 5th,  Mariners' asses go down: 3 runs scored in the inning and 2 Errors.  Iwakuma allows fewer ERs than Holland but...........Mariners had 3 TOTAL HITS in this game!   Pathetic.)

CLEVELAND CAVALIERS +6 over Golden State Warriors(Lose 110-77)
CLEVELAND CAVALIERS +215 over Golden State Warriors-----73-9 ??? Gimmie a brake----its time to start closing this team down.   FRAUD ..........pshhhh...
  its like,  "Now hear this,  Goldfinger, your luck has just changed..."
Oklahoma City looked like they were gonna do it............they were up 3-1,  right?
   Trust me,  Golden State is one of the most gassed-up sports teams I've ever seen.   What was it?  Not the colors?  Uly Curry-Folks?   Colin Cowherd was a Warriors fan-boy last year(probably why they beat us last year).   This year..........its time for some reality.   Reality check.(Lose 110-77.........a 33pt loss???)


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