Saturday, June 04, 2016

BOSTON RED SOX(Wright) -118 over Toronto Blue Jays(Stroman)------The superiority of the Red Sox is striking:  Boston has scored 326 Runs(the 2nd highest total in baseball is Stl at 294 and the Cubs,  with their preternaturally high winning percentage, are 3rd with 290 Runs).  Its not just that the Red Sox have the highest batting average in baseball,  its that at .294 they are hitting 18 points higher than the 2nd highest team.  Since there's not real comparison between the Red Sox and Toronto offensively,  we'll just note that the Blue Jayz have scored 2 more runs this year than the hapless Reds.   Stroman is a 5'8 RHP----5 foot 8!-----it seems impossible; he's clearly the Mugsy Bogues of pitching.   He did get rocked by Boston last start so he technically has the revenge.  But look at this:  Boston is at home as the best offense in baseball and they're -118.  What?  Does Wright suck or something?  I don't know,  I mean,  it says batters have hit .200 off him this year.   Is some Red Sox hurt today?  I don't know.   But the line is outrageously cheap.   So this will be the BCLI Linemaker Error Game of the Year.(Win 6-4........Bogaerts 3-4)

LA ANGELS(Chacin) +104 over Pittsburgh Pirates(Locke)----Angels DON'T hit better vs lhps and the Pirates offense is much better.   Both pitchers coming off CGs but..........I just don't see how Locke can beat me again.(Lose 8-7.........Salas allows 4ER in the 7th in 2/3 innings of work)

Colorado Rockies(Bettis) +107 over San Diego Padres(Cashner)-----Rockies have scored 269 runs;  Padres have scored 225.   Bettis is coming off 2 rockings but.........3 and 4 days ago,  Mookie Betts hit an amazing 5 HRs in 2 games.(Lose 4-3.........LeMahieu and Arenado both 0-4 but Bettis got rocked:  10 Hits in 5inn)


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