Tuesday, June 28, 2016

MILWAUKEE BREWERS(Anderson) +135 over LA Dodgers(Urias)-----Urias coming off 2 good starts but........he really never pitches more than 5 innings and,  overall,  he hasn't done that well in MLB.  I've avoided betting Anderson..........for some time.   Batters hit .258 against him.  Not bad.  Brewers have the Team Revenge against Urias and Anderson has the Pitcher Revenge against the Dodgers who rocked him just recently.   So,  yeah,  I see this as Double Revenge and I think it's a good play.   Is the Dodger offense better than the Brewers'?  No.   Brewers hit about 14 points higher in batting average.(Lose 6-5...........4 total hits by Brewers and Anderson gets rocked.   Urias gives up 6 walks and Brewers can't capitalize.)

MINNESOTA TWINS(Gibson) +165 over Chicago White Sox(Quintana)------Twins have the Team Revenge against Quintana who shut them down in May,  I think.............and..........Oh, shit,  I went fucking 0 and 3 yesterday.  Its not just that 2 games yesterday were decided in the late innings by a total of 5 batters hit by a pitch,  its that on June 24th there were 11 Overs against only 3 Unders and after that we've seen some pretty high scoring games and,  now,  today,  Ataturk Airport got blown up with 28 dead so..............I really think it's time for some Revenge games.   Yeah,  Quintana's better, and there's no indication that Gibson would,  for any reason,  have a good game today..........but both offenses are about equally bad.(Win 4-0...........7inn Shutout by Gibson.......Brian Dozier 3-4 HR)

CUBS(Lester) -1.5(-145) over Reds(Lamb)-------Cubs need to get me my money back;  if they can score 7 off Straily in 3 innings,  they should score more than that off Lamb.  Lester's been consistent and good.  1 every 4 on BB.  .212 BA against.(Win 7-2............Nice job, Cubs;  I just went 2-1 betting on Cubs' games.  Javier Baez Grand Slam in the 15th inning)


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