Tuesday, June 14, 2016

CLEVELAND INDIANS(Tomlin) -115 over Kansas City Royals(Young)----Indians on the road here and,  for the season,  they have scored 47 more runs than KC and taken 64 more walks than KC.   Royals batting average HAS been much higher than Indians'.  But........I think its clear that Young has been having problems this year while Tomlin has been consistent.(Lose 3-2...........Bryan Shaw comes in in the 8th to lose the game by allowing a 2-run homer to Salvador Perez.)

LA DODGERS(Maeda) -146 over Arizona Diamondbacks(Bradley)-----Maeda is coming off 3 good starts,  getting back in form it looks like----he's been holding batters to a .211 average for the season.  Bradley..........has walked about 1 every 2 innings.  Az's offense is better but the Dodgers walk more.(Win 7-4...........Joc Pederson 2HR,  Justin Turner 2-4, HR..........Chase Utley 2-5 HR)

MINNESOTA TWINS(Santana) +116 over LA Angels(Chacin)-----Chacin and Santana not real good right now.  While Chacin can occasionally do good,  the Twins are an appalling 1-10 in games that Santana has started this year.  But, on a 4-3 run,  maybe the Twins are improving.   Angels on a 3-9 run.(Lose 5-4...........I'm giving the Twins too many chances; they're a bad team.  Santana rocked again.)

NATIONALS(Gonzalez) +115 over Cubs(Lackey)------No idea how Lackey,  at the age of, like,  37,  is having by far the best season of his career.  But here we have a situation where Gonzalez has the Pitcher Revenge against the Cubs and the Nationals have the Team Revenge against Lackey.  And the Nationals have the home stadium advantage.(Lose 4-3..........pathetic 5 total hits by Nationals.  Albert Almora gets the PHGWRBI against me.   Sammy Solis takes the Loss.)


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