Wednesday, June 08, 2016

ROCKIES(Rusin) +149 over Dodgers(Maeda)-----Maeda:  not always perfect.  Rockies have the Team Revenge against him and............Rockies' offense is a much better hitting team.  Rockies also have a better record on the road than they do at home.   While I can see Turner or Utley beating me possibly in this game,  I'll take the Rockies offensive advantage at this price.(Win 1-0..........Hmm,  Rusin pitches a 6inn shutout.  Daniel Descalso gets the RBI)

CAVALIERS +625 to win Series over Warriors-----Down 0-2.........series starts in Cleveland now.  Sweep here,  win 1 in Golden State and its over.

CHICAGO WHITE SOX(Shields) +1.5(-115) over Washington Nationals(Scherzer)----Nationals have scored 24 more runs than White Sox have.  So,  offensively,  Nationals are better,  but not a lot better.   First start for CWS by Shields;  again,  not better than Scherzer,  but maybe close enough in this home game.(Lose 11-4...........Shields brutally rocked,  gives up 3 HR.  For his career,  Shields gives up 1 HR every 8innings.  I think.........that's pretty bad.  Can you think of a pitcher who gives up more HRs?  Danny Espinosa, famished for hits,  feasts with a 3-5 w/HR to raise his average to .206.  Werth moves up to .236 with a 3-5.  Ben Revere goes to .188 with a 3-6.  What a stupid bet.)

PITTSBURGH PIRATES(Taillon) +113 over New York Mets(Syndergaard)-----No comparison between these offenses: Pirates hit .277 and Mets hit .230.  Syndergaard IS pretty good.  But since its Taillon's first start(ever)  we don't know if he's not equally good.  Another thing to keep in mind is Josh Donaldson going 3-4 w/HR today;  and the Pirates have Josh Harrison.(Lose 6-5........Corey Luebke with the L,  Jared Hughes with the Blown Save.  Pirates bullpen loses this.  Ty Kelly up to .182 with a 2-4 + HR.  Wilmer Flores gets the PHGWRBI.  Michael Conforto gets the HR to tie it.)


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