Monday, June 27, 2016

CINCINNATI REDS(Straily) +245 over Chicago Cubs(Arrieta)(Lose 11-8)
CINCINNATI REDS(Straily) +1.5(+140) over Chicago Cubs(Arrieta)-----Danny Santana hit an HR yesterday.  Straily's actually pretty hard to hit(.207) although he walks almost 1 every 2 innings.  Cubs definitely in free fall having won 1 of their last 7 games(Reds have only won 3 of their last 9) and.....this looks like a good price for the home team.(Lose 11-8........When do the Reds score 8 runs?  What a waste.  Great offense by Reds,  great price at home.............WTF, Straily? Kris Bryant 3 HR, 2 doubles??   Oh;  nobody's every done that before since 1913........but it happens against me?  Waste.  Fucking wasted.)

TORONTO(Estrada) -108 over Colorado(Gray)-----I guess Gray's ok;  but Estrada has to be the most unhittable starter this year with a .164 BA against.  I'll try the Mexican.(Lose 9-5...........Estrada does ok,  but then comes out after 6.   Bottom of the 7th:  Drew Storen comes in for the Blue Jays,  Hit,  Sacrifice bunt,  HBP(Blackmon),  HBP(Adames), Hit.   Storen comes out now after the most disgraceful,  wanton and ineffective appearance of his career.  Jesse Chavez comes in----Hit,  BB,  Hit,  Out, Hit.   After those 3 Hits and a walk compliments of Chavez,   The score is now Rockies 9 Blue Jays 4.   The 7th inning started with Toronto ahead 4-3 with a reasonably good chance to win the game.   Interestingly enough,  in the Yankees game today,  Kirby Yates comes in in the 9th with a 1-run lead and hits 3 batters,  Desmond, Mazara and Fielder ,  before losing the game.)

BOSTON RED SOX(Rodriguez) +100 over Tampa Bay Rays(Snell)----Overall,  Boston's offense is way better and this line makes no sense unless you posit Snell as some kind of great pitcher.  Against lhps, however,  its different.  Both teams hit over .270 vs lhps and Tampa has scored 16 more runs vs lhps than Boston has.   But neither pitcher looks like they pitch past the 5th inning regularly so I'll take the better offense.(Lose 13-7.......Rodriguez allows 9ER in less than 3innings.   These are guys who DON'T hit so I know this game was fixed against me.   Taylor Motter(who the fuck is that?) goes 3-4,  so he's hitting .203, Nick Franklin 3-5, HR.........Oswaldo Arcia 3-5 to go to .243.......Logan Forsythe 3-5 HR.)


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