Friday, June 17, 2016

DETROIT TIGERS(Fulmer) -110 over Kansas City Royals(Ventura)------Royals on a 5-1 run;  Ventura throws a .250 average to batters and has walked 1 every 2 innings.  Both offenses have hit about .270 while the Tigers have scored 64 more runs and taken 51 more walks.(Lose 10-3.....Victor Martinez,  not playing heads-up baseball on 3rd base in the 7th when a wild pitch bounces WAY up in the air,  way past the catcher.....and comes halfway home and turns back,  inexplicably.   Gotta be ready for the PB and WP on 3rd base.   He could have easily scored and tied the game.  It wouldn't have mattered,  of course,  because Shane Greene,  Mark Lowe and Blaine Hardy came out of the Tigers bullpen to allow 9 EARNED RUNS in only 2 and 1/3 innings.  Ventura shut down the Tigers.)

COLORADO ROCKIES(Gray) +117 over Miami Marlins(Conley)-----Rockies are weaker(.255) vs lhps.  And while Miami is one of the top offenses,  the Rockies have actually scored 64 more runs.  In this game,  Rockies seem to have a pitching advantage as Conley walks people:  about 1 every 2.5 innings.(Lose 5-1............1 TOTAL HIT by Rockies.  WTF?  Gray did pretty well)

CLEVELAND INDIANS(Bauer) +109 over Chicago White Sox(Quintana)----Quintana's an effective pitcher who gets horrible run support.  Here,  the Indians are a team that does hit better vs lhps(.266).  Bauer's had some good starts lately and the Indians have scored about 28 more run than CWS.(Win 3-2..........GWHR Carlos Santana)

MILWAUKEE BREWERS(Davies) +152 over LA Dodgers(Urias)-----Neither Urias nor the Dodger offense has impressed anyone---they're -162?  Come on,  look at Davies,  he's been pitching good,  deep into games.(Would have been nice to win this..........Brewers did out him them 12-8.........but Justin Turner had to go 3-5 w/ 2HR and the GWRBI for some reason.)

CINCINNATI REDS(Lamb) +251 over Houston Astros(Mccullers)-------Mccullers is -276??  The Astros do no have a winning record.  Lamb may be bad but..............he did shut down the Rockies in Colorado.   While the Astro offense has taken 86 more walks than the Reds,  the Reds have scored 12 more runs.  So its questionable whether the Astros even have the better offense.(Win 4-2.........GWRBI Eugenio Suarez.  JJ Hoover gets the W)


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