Thursday, June 02, 2016

CLEVELAND INDIANS(Carrasco) over Kansas City Royals(Ventura) parlayed with COLORADO ROCKIES(Butler) over Cincinnati Reds(Simon) +160------Simon's got his ERA below 10 now but......there's a lot of reasons to take the Rockies,  that is,  they deserve to be favored.   Over his last 6 games,  Ventura's ERA has gone from 2.35 to 5.17 and he's walking well more than 1 every 2 innings.  Indians offense,  while it hits for a lower average than the Royals do,  has scored 27 more runs than the Royals have.(Lose 11-4..............ha- HA!  Simon goes 7 innings in this game and the ONLY other time that has happened this year was on May 5th when he went 7.2 inn.  I was prepared for Butler possibly getting rocked the Reds???  Simon going 7 innings IN fucking Colorado?  Never----never thought possible.   Completely unreal.)

Phillies(Eickhoff) vs Brewers(Anderson) UNDER 8(-105)---Both pitchers have the Pitcher Revenge against these teams(they were both rocked last meeting).  Phillies are the lowest scoring team in baseball(tied with the Braves).  Phillies have scored 2, 1, 3, 2, 1, 2 runs per game over their last 6 games.  Maybe Eickhoff can have a good 7inn game.(Win 4-1)


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