Friday, June 10, 2016

KANSAS CITY ROYALS(Kennedy) +149 over Chicago White Sox(Sale)----Well,  the White Sox have lost the last 3 games in which Sale has started for them.   Kennedy........doesn't always do well but is hard to hit.  KC only slightly weaker vs lhps.   While the White Sox have taken almost 60 more walks than the Royals and score more than the Royals,  KC has a much higher batting average.(Lose 7-5........Kennedy looked like he was doing good early,  but he still wound up with 7ER and 9H allowed in only 5innings.  Alex Avila hits 2 HR for the White Sox against me???  How often does that happen?  Well,  Avila's hitting .228 now.  Pshhh.  Hosmer hit 2 HR for Royals)

CLEVELAND INDIANS(Kluber) -127 over La Angels(Santiago)-----Indians are only slightly better vs lhps and Kluber doesn't always do good,  but Santiago has been giving up too many runs;  last time he had a good game was April 18th.  A lotta walks from Santiago.(Win 6-2........Jason Kipnis 3-4........CG Kluber)

MILWAUKEE BREWERS(Guerra) -119 over New York Mets(Harvey)-----After a season of sucking,  Harvey is coming off 2 good starts.  However,  the Brewers are better offensively in Runs,  Batting Average and Walks.   And the Brewers are at home.(Lose 2-1........runners on 2nd and 3rd, 1 Out in the bottom of the 9th inning.  If Kirk Nieuwenhuis HITS A FAIR BALL the Brewers would have likely won this game.  What happens?   Nieuwenhuis strikes out by swinging and missing 3 times.  Mets win it in the 11th.)

CINCINNATI REDS(Desclafani) +107 over Oakland A's(Gray)----Reds are 22-38.  Probably due for more wins.  Gray is throwing a .282 average and walking nearly 1 every 2 innings----not near what he's been in prior years.  Offenses are close while Reds do score more.  We'll give the Reds a chance here at home.(Win 2-1)


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