Saturday, May 14, 2016

ST. LOUIS CARDINALS(Martinez) -105 over La Dodgers(Kazmir)----Both teams are 19-17 but the Cardinals' offense has been a lot better and Martinez has been a lot better than Kazmir.(Lose 5-3.....only 1 other time this year did Martinez allow 4ER,  as he did in this game.  And with Kazmir going 8.2 innings in this game,  its anomalous because he's never gone more than 6.2 innings in a game this year.   So this is fucked up.  Only 5 total hits by Cardinals;  very disappointed in this performance.  Didn't Cardinals used to win for me?)

CHICAGO CUBS(Arrieta) -1.5(-140) over Pittsburgh Pirates(Locke)-----While the Cubs are clearly playing way over their heads,  and Locke hasn't done bad every single game he's pitched,  I still think Locke's too wild and hittable to be taken seriously.(Win 8-2..........looked like Arrieta was going down early.  He pitched 8 innings in this game!  Jason Heyward goes 3-4 to get his average up to .236 for Cubs)

BLUE JAYS(Estrada) -126 over Rangers(Lewis)----Blue Jays offense could be doing a lot better(although they are out-walking the Rangers).  But Estrada does seem to be dominating right now.(Lose 6-5...........Estrada ties his season high in ERs allowed (4) and walks (4).  Too bad lil Marco couldn't do better for me.........Bobby Wilson hit a grand slam in the 2nd inning for Texas.  Tulowitski went 2-4 w/HR to get up to .185..........but it wasn't enough.)


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