Thursday, May 05, 2016

DETROIT TIGERS(Fulmer) +118 over Cleveland Indians(Bauer)(Lose 9-4)
DETROIT TIGERS(Fulmer) -1.5(+195) over Cleveland Indians(Bauer)-----Apparently the Tigers have lost the first 2 games in this series despite hitting .268 compared to the Indians' .245.(Lose 9-4.........And with Michael Moore in the red Fox News studio,  failing to endorse Trump even though they're both pro-nativist jobs and anti-Iraq War,  Michael Brantley and Mike Napoli combine for 6 RBIs for the red team while Michael Fulmer gets rocked for the Michigan team.......sez a lot about that guy's loyalties;  Moore has probably done less for Michigan than Madonna has.)

TORONTO BLUE JAYS(Happ) -1.5(+105) over Texas Rangers(Holland)-----Normally I wouldn't do this because the line is terrible for Blue Jays.  But an atrocity is occurring in Cleveland as the MERCILESS INDIAN SAVAGES think its okay to score 4 runs against me in the bottom of the 1st inning.   I will heed these "smoak signals" and attempt to TORCH the Rangers(if not,  we'll have to burn down the rest of Canada) in this game because I want SMOAK.......and the Blue Jays have 'em,  Justin Smoak.(Win 12-2......6 RBI by Encarnacion,  a rare 'hitter' this year.........Darwin Barney 2-4..........Kevin Pillar 3-5)

MIAMI HEAT +5 over Toronto Raptors(Win 96-92)
MIAMI HEAT +175 over Toronto Raptors(Lose 96-92)

CHICAGO WHITE SOX(Johnson) -110 over Boston Red Sox(Owens)----First start of the year for Johnson(Owens has walked 7 in 9innings).   CWS have hit only .238 but are 19-9.   Red Sox offense is much better---and doing much better----but White Sox are at home here.(Lose 7-3.......Johnson rocked.  Owens gives up 6 walks in 3 innings.  Ugghhh.)

COLORADO ROCKIES(Rusin) +129 over San Francisco Giants(Cain)-----Cain:  consistently ineffective this year.   These offenses are nearly equal,  with both hitting .271.  Rusin's been doing something right.(Win 17-7.............Rusin gave up more hits than Cain did-----thank you Vin Mazarro:  9 total runs allowed in 1/3 of an innings work(tho 3 runs were unearned) )


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