Friday, May 06, 2016

BOSTON RED SOX(Porcello) -106 over New York Yankees(Pineda)------Well,  this like the best offense this year against one of the worst.  And the weaker offensive team has a clear joke of an SP starting for them.  One the other hand,  the good offense(Boston),  has a pitcher who is doing better than he ever has before this season.  Oh.........and the Red Sox are just barely a favorite.  I can't see how or why anyone would want the Yankees here, altho they are at home.(Lose 3-2.........Home Plate Ump Ron Kulpa wins this game for Yankees.  Horrible calls against Xander Bogaerts and Ortiz.  3 Hits and 3 K's by Red Sox in the 9th.)

Phillies(Velasquez) vs Marlins UNDER 7(-11)(Lose 6-4)
PHILLIES(Velasquez) +128 over Marlins(Chen)-----Phillies are the worst offense by batting average(.223) yet they are 16-13.   But they have Velasquez here who's been unhittable.  Phillies look even worst vs lhps and,  tho Chen hasn't been a particularly great pitcher so far,  he is an lhp.(Lose 6-4..............One of Velasquez' worst starts of the year.  Chen got rocked)


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