Monday, May 23, 2016

CINCINNATI REDS(Finnegan) +320 over La Dodgers(Kershaw)------Kershaw stats are impossible:  1 walk every 17 innings???  Completely unsustainable.  I don't have any respect for either of these offenses.  Dodgers have scored 18 more runs than the Reds.  But Reds hit 30pts higher(at .263) vs lhps as they do against all hitters combined.  (Dodgers hit slightly lower(at .234) vs lhps).  Finnegan has already pitched one disgraceful game to lose for BCLI.  He could fuck up again....but look,  the Dodgers don't even have a winning record and they're at -365 for this game.  Oh,  and the Dodgers have taken 47 more walks than the Reds have;  that needs to change.(Lose 1-0.........3 Errors by Reds but,  if they're not gonna score,  it doesn't matter.  Kershaw was allowed to get a CG 2-hitter while giving up only 1 walk.  Reds offense fucking sucks! Fuck this damn team.)

TAMPA BAY RAYS(Moore) +111 over Miami Marlins(Chen)----Rays have actually scored 6 more runs than Miami has,  tho Miami hits a lot better.   Prado is still over .350 for Marlins.  Rays hit 25 pts higher vs lhps so I'll try it.(Lose 7-6.........I was under the impression that Moore had a strong fastball and got a lot of Ks.  But his fastball was 91, 92, 93.  That's not an exceptional fastball by today's standards.  And he allowed 10 hits in 85 pitches, mostly on weak breaking balls.   He's not a good pitcher.  This game was decided late and Erasmo Ramirez took the loss for Rays.  Ichiro went 4-5, which shows you how bad Moore is(lhp).  Souza and Guyer were both 3-5 and it wasn't enough.  Motter got an HR and it wasn't enough.  Chen allowed 5 ER like Moore did..........fucked up result.)

WHITE SOX(Johnson) -105 over Indians(Anderson)(Lose 5-1)
WHITE SOX(Johnson) -1.5(+175) over Indians(Anderson)-----Offenses are equal so far and Johnson has only had 1 start this year(in which he got rocked).  But batters are hitting .359 off Anderson over 6 signs he's getting better.(Lose 5-1............Anderson goes 7 5 1 0 9 against me:  Clearly the best start of his life.  Johnson pathetic/ shouldn't be in MLB,  but he lasted 111 pitches)


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