Monday, May 30, 2016

WHITE SOX(Quintana) -117 over Mets(Harvey)----Quintana has walked only 1 every 5 innings.(Lose 1-0.........Harvey had averaged giving up 7 Hits per start and 3.5 ER per start before this game.  Why does give up only 2 H and 0 ER against me?  Is this fair?)

MINNESOTA TWINS(Santana) -103 over Oakland A's(Graveman)-----After a 4-game winning streak,  the Twins have raised their record to an impossibly pathetic 15-34.  Hmmmm.   A's offense has scored 18 more runs than the Twins have,  but we'll give the benefit of the doubt to Santana who,  although he got rocked last start,  has had some good starts this season.(Lose 3-2...........Game 'em a chance.........Twins just not bettable)

MIAMI MARLINS(Nicolino) +117 over Pittsburgh Pirates(Locke)-----If Locke cut down on his walks the last 2 seasons,  they're back up there this season.  And the Marlins hit better(.291) vs lhps.  I think Nicolino's ERA should be lower considering what his stats currently are.  He's been unlucky.(Lose 10-0............what a joke:  Locke pitches a CG and walks ZERO.   Marlins offense fails massively)


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