Friday, May 27, 2016

ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS(Ray) -163 over San Diego Padres(Friedrich)(Lose 10-3)
ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS(Ray) -1.5(+115) over San Diego Padres(Friedrich)(Lose 10-3)
ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS(Ray) -2.5(+180) over San Diego Padres(Friedrich)-----Padres have fallen to the bottom in batting average(.221);  nobody's worse right now.  And the Diamondbacks,  tho they haven't done well for us,  are actually one of the higher scoring offenses in baseball(they've scored more than the Tigers and just 3 fewer runs than the Rockies).  Its time for Ray to have a 10K game; he hasn't had one yet.  And Friedrich,  I think,  is the one who couldn't close for the BCLI CHRISTIAN GOY.   So this will be.........
  BCLI BLOW OUT GAME OF THE YEAR.......BCLI Game of The Year !(Lose 10-3.......Why the fuck does it take Ray 100 pitches to finish the 5th fucking inning?  He throws 97 pitches in this goddamn game...and only gets through 4 innings.  On May 21st,  it took Ray 5 innings to throw 102 pitches.  He doesn't throw 95mph anymore.  91, 92, 93....there's nothing special about that.  Imagine that:  this is the same Padres team that scored 16 against me on April 19th.  Fuck BOTH these teams)

DETROIT TIGERS(Fulmer) -124 over Oakland A's(Manaea)(Win 4-1)
DETROIT TIGERS(Fulmer) -1.5(+135) over Oakland A's(Manaea)------I think the reason this line is so low is that the Tigers have hit only .236 vs lhp's.  That IS strange.  But if you look at the Tigers' offense overall,  it IS good,  with their 3-4-5 hitters hitting well over .300.........and their leadoff hitter hitting .300.  And Maybin,  after 9 games with the Tigers this season,  is at .545.  Manaea has allowed a lot of runs in all but one of his starts.   So I expect the Tigers to improve their stats vs Lhps after facing Manaea.  On the other hand,  the Tigers are only 23-23, which,  I think,  is a poor record for how good their offense is.(Win 4-1........Nick Castellanos 2-4 HR...........Ian Kinsler 3-5)

TORONTO RAPTORS +6(-105) over Cleveland Cavaliers(Lose 113-87)
TORONTO RAPTORS +245 over Cleveland Cavaliers-------Well,  Toronto at home..........and they need the game.(Lose 113-87...........Patrick Patterson 1-5 on 3s,  4 PFs...........Raptors score 13pts in the 4th quarter:  Sick.  This team shouldn't even be in the NBA if its gonna quit like this at home in the playoffs)

ATLANTA BRAVES(Perez) +117 over Miami Marlins(Conley)-----ok 1 more chance to win, more chance I'm giving you one more chance.  Braves are the worst vs lhps at .217.  Time to improve.  Braves are truly pathetic..............but they CAN win.  Let's go,  let's do it....P O C A H O N T A S.(Win 4-2.......Jeff Francoeur 4-5.........Nick Markakis 2-4 GWRBIs)

TEXAS RANGERS(Hamels) -128 over Pittsburgh Pirates(Niese)-----Rangers have hit .291 vs lhps?  Surprising but true.  Gerrit Cole went 2-2 w/HR yesterday and I think Cole Hamels is a much better pitcher than Jon Niese.  True,  Prince Fielder's not hitting anybody..........but I'll still take Rangers.(Lose 9-1............The only time this year Hamels has sucked so bad he failed to complete the 5th inning.)


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