Saturday, May 21, 2016

DETROIT TIGERS(Fulmer) +108 over Tampa Bay Rays(Smyly)----Rays have scored 38 runs in their last 4 games,  more than 9 runs per game.  And I don't really know why that happened(was it Pearce or Kiermaier?  Don't know);  because Tampa has been a bad offense all year.  Tigers have scored 28 runs in their last 4-----pretty good.  Smyly walks 1 every 4inn and throws a .207 batting average:  Very good.  Additionally,  the Tigers hit much lower(.234) vs lhps.  Statistically,  Fulmer keeps getting worse.  But I noticed something about him:  He'll get up in the count,  1-2 or 0-2,  then he'll take that to a 3-2 count.  Thus,  he winds up walking too many hitters.  But it could be confidence----that he feels he can throw a strike on 3-2 after he attempts to get the batter to go fishing.(Win 5-4...........Cameron Maybin 3-4 HR..........James McCann 2-3 HR.........11 K's in 7inn by Fulmer)

HOUSTON ASTROS(Fiers) -155 over Texas Rangers(Ramos)(Lose 2-1)
HOUSTON ASTROS(Fiers) -1.5(+130) over Texas Rangers(Ramos)----With the Astros still 9 games below .500,  one could wonder why they would ever be a -155 favorite.  But on the other hand,  Sports Illustrated did project the Astros as a 94-68 team overall----the 3rd best team in baseball.(Lose 2-1..........Astros are the weakest..the most hapless and pathetic.........the most flailingly inept offense I have ever seen.  Bat me 9 times against Ramos and I guarantee you I get more than 2 hits off him in 6innings.  Batters were hitting .319 off Ramos before the Astros flailed to boost his numbers in this game.  Astros SUCK.)

ARIZONA(Ray) +147 over St Louis(Leake)-----Batters are hitting .285 off Ray and he's walking 1 every 2 innings.  That's terrible.  He needs to pick it up.   But Cardinals are hitting over 30 points lower vs lhps(.236).  Leake's probably due for a loss after 2 good starts.(Lose 6-2........No more betting on Arizona,  this teams SUCKS for me.  Leake dominates on a 7 inning 4 hitter with no walks)

CLEVELAND INDIANS(Bauer) +136 over Boston Red Sox(Kelly)-----I trust Bauer more than Kelly,  based on this years performance.(Lose 9-1.........2HR by Mookie Betts.  Bauer sucks.  Indians get 1 hit off Kelly.  I don't understand this shit.)


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