Thursday, May 26, 2016

ATLANTA BRAVES(Wisler) -128 over Milwaukee Brewers(Peralta)-----Braves are 12-33;  they've won just a bit more than 1/4 of their games and they're gonna have to pick up the pace if they wanna meet their season-projection of 60-102(the worst season projection for any MLB team this year).  Brewers have scored 189 Runs.  Braves have scored 140 Runs.  Brewers have taken 188 Walks.  Braves have taken only 132 Walks.  Braves are favored here---which has to be a rare thing----because of their starting pitcher advantage.  Wisler's been good.(Lose 6-2.........Jonathan Villar 2-4 HR against me.........Peralta,  the pitcher,  gets 2 RBI against me.)

BALTIMORE ORIOLES(Gausman) +114 over Houston Astros(Mccullers)-----Orioles have lost their last 3 in a row;  2 of those were against the Astros.   But with the Astros hitting .228,  having seen how bad they hit,  not seeing any pitching advantage in Mccullers over Gausman,  I just have to see the Astros as they are,  a bad,  19-28 team.............and they shouldn't be favored vs the Orioles.(Lose 4-2............Gausman,  who has never allowed more than 1 HR in a game this year,  gives up 3 HRs to George Springer and Luis Valbuena)


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