Sunday, July 29, 2012

ASTROS(Harrell) +130 over Pittsburgh(McDonald)-----Astros on an 0-12 run;  is it time for a win?  Let's see......Astros have the revenge against McDonald........and Harrell has the revenge against the Pirates offense.(Win was time for a win;  #9 Marwin Gonzalez 3-5, 3RBI.....Scott Moore 2-4)

CUBS(Maholm) +140 over Cardinals(Wainwright)(Win 4-2......#44 Anthony Rizzo 3-4, GWHR)

ROCKIES(Sanchez) +151 over Reds(Latos)------Colorado on a 2-7 run;  is it time for a win?  On the theory that no pitcher in MLB(including Sanchez) could possibly do as bad as Sanchez has done this year,  let's look at Pedro Ciriaco's 3-5 yesterday.(Lose 7-2.....Sanchez rocked again,  he should be +200 at least if he pitches again)

KANSAS CITY ROYALS(Smith) +180 over Seattle(Hernandez)------Royals have the revenge against Hernandez.(Lose 7-6)


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