Thursday, July 19, 2012

TWINS(De Vries) -105 over Orioles(Chen)(Lose 4-3.........De Vries only allowed 1 run;  Mark Reynolds wonder why 2 'Alex's turned up on the Aurora death list:  Alex Burnett walked the bases loaded for the Twins!   I thought the Twins could score a little more because they ARE better vs lhps but........they could have won this----bullpen management......they yanked Tyler Robertson even tho he got them 2 outs.....then Swarzak gave up the winning hit)

CUBS(Maholm) +113 over Marlins(Buehrle)(Win !  My man !  and my only win today)

SAN DIEGO PADRES(Volquez) -1.5 (+150) over Astros(Harrell)-------Luke Scott did go 4-4 yesterday but the Astros have been scoring low and the Padres have the revenge against Harrell who pitched a CG against them.(Lose 1-0......Dang,  the Padres STILL can't hit Lucas Harrell.  Strange.  Volquez throws a 1-hitter CG)

DETROIT TIGERS(Scherzer) -1.5 over Angels(Williams) parlayed with NATIONALS(Gonzalez) over New York Mets(Dickey) +300------Tigers hit Wilson yesterday so why couldn't they hit Williams?  Jerome........ROMEro got destroyed yesterday so.......I'll play this altho the Tigers haven't been the most compliant teams in games I've bet and,  of course,  the Angels often ruin my day.   3 of Dickey's last 4 games have been bad while Gonzalez continues to win......Adrian Gonzalez hit well yesterday.(Lose 9-5........Gonzalez' worst game of the year,  Jeez,  when does he ever lose this bad?  David Wright 2HR)


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