Monday, July 23, 2012

ST LOUIS CARDINALS(Kelly) -133 over Los Angeles Dodgers(Billingsley)----Cardinals offense came alive against the Cubs and the JK came alive hugely on Jason Kubel who is on a 2-game hitting streak with about 4 HR in 9 at-bats.(Lose 5-3......I have no fucking idea why Dave Cokin would take the Dodgers in this game,  but he apparently did.   This is truly FUCKED UP because the Cardinals usually win for me.  I'm beginning to hate all of these fucking teams due to their failure when I bet on them.  Cardinals out-hit 'em and Kelly only allowed 4 hits.   This loss is a fucking mystery)

SAN DIEGO PADRES(Richard) +145 over San Francisco Giants(Vogelsong)----Richard has the revenge against the Giants.(Lose 7-1...........well fuck this shit.  Not even close.  Richard gives up all 7 runs in only 5innings.   Damn it.)


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