Monday, July 30, 2012

CHICAGO WHITE SOX(Quintana) -125 over Minnesota Twins(De Vries)------Omar Quintanilla 3-4, HR yesterday;  I'll try the Q today.(Lose 7-6.....Quintana doesn't look as good as his stats)

CHICAGO CUBS(Germano) +125 over Pittsburgh Pirates(Bedard)----Bedard has really, really shut the Cubs down in 2 games this year............but not at Wrigley!!!  Cubs are at home here with the double revenge against Bedard......they're still at only .229 vs lhp's.   Germano's MLB career began in 2004 and........he hasn't really established himself anywhere.   However,  Justin Ruggiano went 2-4 w/GWRBI yesterday for Miami while Justin Morneau went 3-4 w/HR for the Twins.(Win 14-4.....Starlin Castro and Darwin Barney had 3 hits + HR.........interesting that this was Germano's only start of the season AND the Cubs highest scoring game of the season)

SAN FRANSCISCO GIANTS(Bumgarner) over Mets(Hefner) parlayed with RANGERS(Oswalt) over Angels(Santana) +155(Lose 8-7 and 15-8.......Oswalt rocked again but,  with about 60 games to play,  the Cubs throw in the towel on their failed season----just a day after setting a season scoring record------by giving the Rangers Dempster)


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