Tuesday, July 10, 2012

AMERICAN LEAGUE -1.5 (+145) over National League------I don't usually bet on the all-star game but.........I feel that National League fans and voters should be spectacularly embarrassed in this game as they apparently voted Carlos Gonzalez,  Melky Cabrera,  Beltran and Braun ahead of McCutchen.  McCutchen hit .362 !    On a purely statistical basis,  McCutchen should be starting over Beltran, Gonzalez and of course Braun.  But when you consider how much stronger all of the offenses are compared to McCutchen's team......Look, McCutchen is clearly the NL's MVP for the 1st half of the season and he's not even starting at DH.   I don't care;  that's a disgrace.   You could also consider how David Wright hit over .350.........and Sandoval is starting over him.   Sure,  either of those guys could come into the game fueled with righteous indignation and hit a home run.   But fuck 'em:  the NL deserves to lose.   And the AL's got "home-field", right,  in KC.   (Suffice it to say,  AL voters are not lame enough to put Eric Hosmer in this game).   However,  if Tim Collins becomes the pitcher of record,  I think the AL could go on an offensive rampage.(Lose 8-0..........Verlander blames this rocking on his 100mph fastball.   I would say:  American League===Disgrace)


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