Friday, July 20, 2012

COLORADO(Pomeranz) over Padres(Marquis) parlayed with TAMPA(Shields) -1.5 over Mariners(Iwakuma) +300-------After arrogantly stiffing me on their Harry Potter bill for so long,  we needed some humility from Warner Brothers and Colorado delivered in a big way last night;  Shields has been getting destroyed out there for 5 straight games and I hope he turns it around here.  The Mariners' jap is wild,  and the Rays are 1 of the top 2 teams in the league in taking walks so they definitely have a chance to put up some big numbers today.(Lose 9-5 and 4-3.......Quentin hits for the Padres!  Pomeranz viciously shelled...........bad play here on Tampa;  their offense is just so fucking weak you should never bet them -1.5----look at all those low batting averages.  They can walk but they can't hit.)


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