Saturday, July 07, 2012

ARIZONA(Cahill) -150 over Dodgers(Billingsley)(Win 5-3)
ARIZONA(Cahill) -1.5(+135) over Dodgers(Billingsley)------Tyler Colvin 3-4 2HR yesterday(Tyler Colvin, Augusta, GEORGIA!)......Alex Cobb has never, NEVER,  gotten 10 runs of support from the RAYs like he did yesterday.  Ohh,  (ROYston) Reds pitcher Bronson AROYyo has to his best game of the season against me yesterday too.   Dodgers sliding down offensively----they now have scored fewer runs than the Pirates----and they now are hitting .251,  11 points lower than the Diamondbacks.(Win 5-3)

COLORADO ROCKIES(Francis) +180 over Washington Nationals(Gonzalez)-----Nationals offensive surge goes out yesterday against Pomeranz?  Well,  the Nats have won at a high rate this year,  above what you'd expect from a middling offense:  It could be all over now that they lost for me yesterday.  They have improved vs lhps,  steadily,  to .253.  But Francisco Liriano shutdown the Rangers yesterday so I'll play Francis.(Lose 4-1......Pathetic swings by Carlos Gonzalez against GG.   Can't beat that guy this year.)

TAMPA BAY RAYS(Moore) +100 over Cleveland(Jimenez)-----Cleveland is about the weakest offense vs lhp's.  Both teams take walks,  but Jimenez is wilder than Moore.(Lose 7-3.......Moore walks 5,  Jimenez walks only 1 and miserable losers called the Tampa Bay Rays lose for me again)

TWINS(Deduno) +160 over Rangers(Holland)------Twins are improving,  and stronger,  vs lhps at .271(Lose 4-3........Robbie Ross got in late to stop some rallies it looks like----Twins should have won this game tho,  Justin Morneau a key GIDP to lose the game)

BOSTON RED SOX(Doubront) -106 over Yankees(Hughes)(Win 9-5.......#77 Pedro Ciriaco 4-5, 4 RBI.......Mauro Gomez 3-4...........Adrian Gonzalez 3-5)

PADRES(Richard) +100 over Reds(Bailey)-----Bailey can do ok,  but with #33 Drew Smyly doing well for the Tigers yesterday,  I'll take Richard who is doing well and wears #33(Lose 6-5..........Padres out-him them 11 to 9........#11 Logan Forsythe 3-4.........Richard allows 6 ER,  anomalously)


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