Wednesday, July 25, 2012

CHICAGO CUBS(Dempster) +115 over Pittsburgh Pirates(Correia)-----Dempster finally cools off and allows some runs last game after what?  33 consecutive scoreless innings.  But his NAME is so hot right now......Ryan Braun 3-4, HR and Ryan Zimmerman 3-5 yesterday.......and Ryan Howard 3-5, HR and Ryan Ludwick 3-6 two days ago.(Lose 3-2.........You lousy pieces of shit can't score 4 fucking runs?  FUCK the overpaid, overrated Theo Epstein.......but tell him to hire a new hitting coach.  FUCK the Chicago Cubs for not hiring me......this is a franchise of LOSERS.)

BALTIMORE ORIOLES(Gonzalez) +115 over Tampa Bay _____ Rays(Price)----Look,  Gonzalez has shown some promise....but more than that,  Mike Aviles GWRBI yesterday for the Red Sox....Michael Schwiner gets the late W for the Phillies yesterday......Michael Cuddyer 2HR for the Rockies yesterday......Michael Saunders 2-4, HR for the Mariners.....a couple days ago Miguel Cabrera had 2HR in a game.  Orioles have been stronger vs lhp and at 13-4,  Price looks ripe for a rocking.(Lose 10-1.......7ER in 2innings off Gonzalez.  NEVER in his career has he been rocked like that.  What the Fuck?   This was a home-game for Baltimore so its gotta be the city.   Most overrated and most BORING show:  'The Wire'......Crapping looking city;  bunch of blowhards trying to "be real".   Shit----that's fucked.   I'll show you whats fucking real,  fucking losing-ass city)

MILWAUKEE BREWERS(Estrada) +122 over Philadelphia Phillies(Worley)----Phillies coming off 2 late wins---perhaps a bit too lucky.   Batters hitting only .229 off Estrada;  he might do ok.  Worley,  I know,  will get shelled today.  Trust me.  If Estrada can just do "average",  Brewers win.(Lose 7-6.......another win  for Michael Schwimer and another L and BS for Francisco Rodriguez.   Milwaukee Brewers:  26 LOB!  That is just disgusting.)

KANSAS CITY ROYALS(Hochevar) +200 over Los Angeles Angels(Weaver)-----Royals have the Team Revenge against Weaver because he shut them out.   Royals offense seems to be developing with Lorenzo Cain in there now.   Hochevar's from if the Royals are gonna shell Weaver,  I think the day is today.   Don't be surprised if Luke nails some Angels;  Felix Hernandez hit 3 of the most highly paid players in baseball yesterday---putting A-Rod out for 2 months----and he got the win!  Padilla also got the Win for Boston after beaning Beltre.(Lose 11-6.....[Royals starter Luke Hochevar (6-9) was ejected in the fourth inning by plate umpire Bob Davidson after hitting Trout - immediately after Wilson's leadoff homer gave the Angels an 8-0 lead.].......nah, dude,  you have to hit that guy BEFORE its 8 to 0..........has Hochevar done this bad any time this year?  Probably not, goddamnit.  [Weaver, who had hit only one batter in 110 2-3 innings this season coming into the game, plunked Lorenzo Cain his first two times up.].........See that?  He hits a batter not once,  but TWICE.........and he wins.  Fuck Hochevar and fuck Denver)

MINNESOTA TWINS(Blackburn) +195 over White Sox(Peavy)-----Blackburn does have the revenge here as the cws shelled him earlier.  Huge win for Blackley and the A's yesterday so.......Twins did get 10 hits off Peavy last meeting.(Lose 8-2...........Are you fucking kidding me?  Is this my FIFTH LOSS in a single day?   Lemme ask you a question?  Do you fucking care at all about humanity?   Huh?  There's gonna be some serious consequences for this shit.   Learn to hit, faggots)

CINCINNATI REDS(Bailey) over Houston Astros(Norris) parlayed with DETROIT TIGERS(Scherzer) over Cleveland(Lowe) +190-----Scherzer has the Pitcher Revenge against the Indians and with Kameron Loe's L and BS last night for the Brewers........Lowe gets hit pretty consistently....Paul MaH O L M another underdog-win yesterday,  I'll take Homer.(Win 5-3 and 5-3)

OAKLAND ATHLETICS(Griffin) +120 over Toronto Blue Jays(Romero)------Romero is like a booby-trapped grenade machine just waiting to pop-off every time he goes out there.   Griffin shows consistent effectiveness.(Win 16-0.........Wow,  Coco Krispies goes snap-crackle-POP for 2HR and 3-6.   Romero explodes.....)


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