Wednesday, February 20, 2013

ATLANTA HAWKS +5.5 over Miami Heat(Lose 103-90)
ATLANTA HAWKS +190 over Miami Heat----Atl at home with the double revenge.....true,  home teams in basketball have been doing HORRIBLE for me.......Allen Huddleston 11pts yesterday in Fresno State's victory over Nevada(Hawks have Al Horford).   Miami does have the +ATS and streaks of 7-0 SU and 4-0 ATS........perhaps they could have an off-night in.......Atlanta.(Lose 103-90......COULD YOU FUCKING NIGGERS LOSE THE 4TH QUARTER BY 15 INSTEAD OF 23 SO I WOULDN'T LOSE ALL MY MONEY,  dickheads?   Absolutely despicable----You're winning the fucking game by 10pts after the 3rd Quarter.  What the fuck is wrong with you?   FUCK ATLANTA!   I want a meteor-strike on that fucking town overnight.  Fucking NOW, bitch.)

SANTA CLARA +13 over Gonzaga-----SC has the revenge here at Gonzaga AND Kevin Foster a day after Fresno's Kevin Foster had 15pts in an upset win.(Lose 85-42.......This is the Worst Loss BCLI has ever suffered..........and people will die.  Kevin Foster 2-10, 0-5 on 3pters,  Katy, TX-----TORCH THE PLACE.  That town is fucking gone;  I'm sick of this shit.   Evan Roquemore 11% 1-9,  2pts, 0-3 on 3pters,  Henderson, Nevada-----That town needs to fucking explode AND be hit by a meteor-strike.   I'M NOT FUCKING AROUND ANYMORE.   FUCKING PAY ME, JEW!!!!!!  goddammit.  fucking bych kikes motherfuckers.   Raymond Cowels III 1-5 22minutes to score 3 points,  Minneapolis, Minnesota-----CRUSH THAT PLACE.   Meteor-strike and shoot-to-fucking-kill.   Minneapolis is fucking gone.  I'm sick of this shit----The fucking Jews have had 5 years to pay me...........and they owe me more today than when their $12,000 'back-pay' disability check came in in March of 2008.   I'm sick of this shit;  I've had enough.    Its time to EXPLICITLY HUNT JEWS)

ILLINOIS-CHICAGO FLAMES -3 over Wisconsin-Milwaukee Panthers-----IC has the +ATS,  WM has the home revenge and home-off-road-loss.   Not a perfect play with the Panthers having Jordan Aaron----a very hot name in basketball now-----however,  I do need personal revenge against WM for their flailing incompetence against Youngstown St and I trust the Flames to give it to me.(Lose 64-53......Milwaukee needs to be destroyed immediately;  you don't fucking throw the game when I bet on you and then have the audacity TO BEAT me when I bet against you.   We'll show you what we can do to fucking Milwaukee.   Josh Crittle....and a pathetic 3-10 and 6 pts,  Bellwood, Illinois-----Firebomb the town immediately.   Load a meteor-strike for BELLWOOD, ILLINOIS.  Daniel Barnes 22%, 2-9,  Oak Park, Illinois-------Liquidate that town of fucking losers.   I'm sick of this goddam shit.  WHERE THE FUCK IS MY MONEY, JEWS??????  You goddamn blood-sucking kike bitches.)


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