Saturday, February 16, 2013

SAN FRANCISCO DONS +12.5 over Gonzaga Bulldogs(Win 71-61)
SAN FRANCISCO DONS +800 over Gonzaga Bulldogs-----Why is Gonzaga so good.......?  At 24-2?  I don't know----they've lost only to Illinois and Butler.   San Francisco has the home revenge---I'm not fucking around anymore:  There will be SERIOUS consequences if this bet doesn't win.(Lose 71-61)

YALE -1.5 over Columbia Lions------Columbia has Rosenberg and 'Isaac Cohen'?????   2 Jews on this team?   No,  that's ridiculous;  this is basketball.(Win 75-56..........Justin Sears 10pts)

BAYLOR BEARS +5 over Kansas State Wildcats(Lose 81-61)
BAYLOR BEARS +180 over Kansas State Wildcats-----While the Villanova Wildcats did win today,  the Pitt Panthers lost today as favorites while Kentucky got blown away by 30 points.   Yesterday,  BCLI was disgraced and dishonored by the W-Milwaukee Panthers failure and the Cincinnati BearCATS haplessness.   Columbia Lions also lost as a favorite.   Anything seemingly 'feline' is garbage.   Baylor has the +ATS and the +offense;  K-State has the home-off-road-loss.   Home teams have been---for me----so disgustingly overvalued.....I'll take the road team.(Lose 81-61.......despicable inconsistency)

SAN DIEGO STATE AZTECS +4 over Unlv Runnin Rebels(Win 72-70)
SAN DIEGO STATE AZTECS +160 over Unlv Runnin Rebels-----Aztecs have the +ATS and the revenge.  Unlv has the +offense and the home-off-road-loss.   I see the Acapulco rapes of Spanish tourists as a possible sign of Moctezuma's Revenge..........could provide an impetus to the Aztecs here.(Lose 72-70..........Chase Tapley 22pts for Aztecs)

UMKC KANGAROOS +8 over Oakland------UMKC has the home revenge......somehow they can beat South Dakota twice.......but can't beat Houston Baptist.   Oakland is definitely the better team but...........they are only 5-12 on the road.(Lose 86-74............29pts Travis Bader?   I don't fucking need this shit)


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