Friday, February 15, 2013

WISCONSIN-MILWAUKEE PANTHERS +11.5 over Youngstown State Penguins------Panthers have the revenge on the road.(Lose 94-80............God damnn it!   Eleven and a half points you fucking cunts!   You think I'm FUCKING playing around?   Cock-sukcing maggot losers.   Cover the DAMN spread.   I'm calling in a metroid-strike in Milwaukee.  FUCK THAT SHIT-ASS CITY.  GODDAMNIT.   yOU THINK i'M FUCKING AROUND?   I'll wipe that city off the fucking map, bitch.   Goddam kikes.   Can't cover 11 and 1/2?!!! PUssy kike bitch-whores phaggots.)

CINCINNATI BEARCATS -4.5(-105) over Georgetown Hoyas----Well, on 2/9/13,  De'End Parker had 23pts,  going 3-3 on threes for San Francisco in a huge upset victory while Parker Kelly had a season-hi 19pts for Eastern Washington;  Bearcats seem to have that name covered.   Georgetown has the +ATS and is 6-0 ATS/6-0 SU going back.   Otto Porter has been doing it for GT now,  with Oscar Pistorius in the dock for blowing away his model-girlfriend?  (I really don't know why these shooters blow away their model-girlfriends).(Lose 62-55......The OP gets the win and once again,  killers win.   Cincinnati is the most IMMATURE,  SLOPPY,  careless,  undisciplined and STUPID basketball team that I've ever seen.   Cincinnati:  a .315 FG percentage.  Cincinnati:  a Loser.  Cincinnati:  a Failure.   Despicable home loss by Cincinnati.......Congrats to the man,  by his Epic Failure,  MIck CRonin, who murdered MIndy mcCReady.  Hope you're happy now, loser.)


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