Saturday, February 09, 2013

RICHMOND SPIDERS +4 over Saint Louis------DJ Richardson beat the #1 team,  Indiana,  2 days ago as,  with the skull of Richard III up now,  Richard Ross had 14pts for an Old Dominion win---their 1st in 10 games.  I like Richmond.  Stl has been doing pretty well,  and has the +ATS.   But Saint Louis also has Dwayne Evans which makes them a HUGELY high-value target today and.........they will probably be blown away with a Winchester Ranger SXT 9mm 147 grain bullet.(Lose 56-46...........You do this shit to me at HOME, GREG fucking Robbins????  0-5 0pts.  Deion Taylor 23minutes ZERO points.   Fuck these damn losers. )

AIR FORCE FALCONS +4 over Nevada(Lose 74-69.........Mike Lyons only 10pts.  Pathetic.   Air Force fails for me again-----aircraft must be sacrificed.   I'm sick of this shit.  Motherfucking byches.  Where the FUCK is my money?   I should have BILLIONS by now.  goddamn losers.)

SOUTHERN UTAH +15 over Weber State(Lose 75-58............Ohhhh, what the fuck?  AJ Hess 3pts???  Jayson Cheesman 2pts in 26minutes????  Jaren Jeffrey 0pts?  FUCK THAT KIKE!   You think I'm fucking around????   Have a Meteor-sandwich, Utah,  you fucking bych.) 

DEPAUL BLUE DEMONS +14.5 over Marquette------DePaul off 7 straight losses---they do have the ability to lose a game by a lot of points-----however,  they do have the +offense in this matchup.  (Win 89-78) 

MICHIGAN -3 over Wisconsin------Wisconsin beat Illinois twice...........and beat Indiana once.   Problem is they have "Ryan Evans"......and now............The Manifesto is out!(Lose 65-62.......Michigan is one of the most overrated basketball teams in CBB history.   What are these fucking losers ranked for this game?   Number 3?  And they can't beat an unranked team?   Michigan is going NOWHERE in the post-season.  They shouldn't even be ranked in the Top 25.  Epic Fraud.)

OLD DOMINION MONARCHS +3.5 over Northeastern--------This line is coming down from 4.5.........has the worm turned.......for OD?   10 straight losses and then a win last game for Old Dominion.   I'll try them at home.(Lose 79-74.............Why the fuck do I even let this world fucking live?   Aaron Bacote Epic Fail....39minutes 4pts.   Old Dominion 1 for 26 on 3ptrs.   That's really takes the fucking cake.   Meteor strike on Old Dominion immediately.   I'm sick of this fucking shit.  Mother fucking phaggots can't win at home.   I'll fucking kill Joel Smith and you fucking know it.)


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